Tec5. Anthony J. DeFoster   

Mil# 32038173


3rd Platoon A. Company 643rd TD BN.





Born: 10 May 1916    Place: Syracuse, NY

Died: 24 December 1944     Place: Baraque de Fraiture (Belgium)


Date of Temporary Burial: 8 February 1945   at: American Military Cemetery Henri-Chapelle (Belgium)

Location: Plot: MMM. Row: 5. Grave: 96.

Date of final Burial: 15 May 1949   at: American Military Cemetery Henri-Chapelle (Belgium)

Location: Plot: G. Row: 3. Grave: 67.


Wife: Nancy DeFoster (Mastriano)    Last known address: 914 North McBride Street, Syracuse, NY.

Son: Anthony "Tony" DeFoster Jr.





 Purple Heart  - American Defence Service Medal - WWII Victory Medal - Good Conduct Medal  










Picture of Anthony's grave (1945)

unfortunately the soldier in the picture is unknown.



Anthony's Grave Marker (Veterans Day, 2003)



Received E-Mail from his son, Anthony Jr.               


Yes, I am T5 Anthony J
. DeFoster's son.  I have his Purple Heart Medal.  He, and SGT Giordano were killed at Baraque de Fraiture  (Parker's Crossroads) when it was finally over run by the Germans.  Initially he was reported as MIA, but when the area was retaken by the Americans, his body was recovered and his status was changes to KIA.  I, and future members of my Family, will be forever indebted to you for taking the picture of his grave marker.  I have never been able to visit his grave.  I understand that for awhile after the war, someone tended his grave, but I don't know who it was or how long they tended it.  As for photographs, he wasn't in Europe long enough to have taken photos...all I have are photos, in this Country, of  "A" Company during training.  Once again, I thank you...


Anthony deFoster, Jr. 


Anthony's Purple Heart, Certificate and accompanying Letter.





During my trip to The States I visited Anthony DeFoster Jr. in Skaneateles, NY.
We had a few great hours together digging through a mountain of documents and photos that I could use for my website.





Photo of Henri-Chapelle Cemetery, it was sent to each family so they had a bit of an view where their loved one was buried.





Anthony (l) Albin Mosek (r) men in the center are unknown

Dave Reed and Anthony at Fort Shelby, 1942

Anthony and First Gun Section during Louisana manoeuvres, 1941