Lt. Col. Burlle R. Farr     


Mil# O-291786

HQ-Company 643rd TD BN.

643rd TD Battalion Commander  9 May 1944 - 11 October 1945







Born: 25 November 1907     Place: Genesee, MI

Died:  4 October 1992        Place: Arthur, ND

Burial place:  Arthur Methodist Cemetery, Arthur, ND  


Wife: Inez Farr (Corby)    Married: 7 July 1940

Children:  Emily and Tom

Father: Merton S. Farr   Mother: Mildred F. Farr (Cones)





Bronze Star Medal




European African Middle Eastern Service Medal

Battle Stars"Ardennes-Rhineland-Central Europe"







A little about Lt. Col. Burlle Farr .......from Tom Farr (son of Lt. Col. Farr)

My Dad didn't say much about his past. He did say that as a young boy he would ride a mule to school at Tucumcari New Mexico. His parents divorced and he moved to Flint Michigan I don't know at what age. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in mechanical engineering and that is where he took ROTC training. Before being called up by the Army he was a field representative for Standard Oil. He was stationed at Fort Meade which is just out side of Sturgis South Dakota. The house he and my mother lived in is still being used to this day which faces the parade grounds. While at the fort he was the finance officer and this is where at was promoted to Captain. Fort Meade was home to the legendary 7th Cavalry of General George Armstrong Custer fame. When Japan attacked the army decommissioned the horses. My Dad ended up being transferred to Fort Hood Texas which is the home of the tank destroyers.
He probably received the usual campaign medals along with the bronze Star that is all I know. I hope this helps you tell my dads story.
Thank you for your work. Sincerely, Tom Farr



First E-mail received (28-April-2011) from Tom Farr ... after sending him a handwritten letter.

Dear Mr Savelkoul,  Thank you for your letter I was quite surprised to say the least. Yes I am Burlle Farr's son. It's amazing you found me. My dad never talked very much at all about the war. I remember him talking about his exec officer mr allen I believe. Dad never attended any reunions until later in life then he and my mother would go every year until his health started to fail he passed away Oct 10, 1992 at the age of 84. Your web site is great I truly enjoyed reading all the material. May GOD bless you. 

Sincerely, Thomas Farr


E-mail  1 May 2011

Hi Ben I'm sorry I do not have any pictures regarding the 643rd. Dad did receive the bronze star I asked him why he received it and he said they were giving them out to a lot of guys. End of conversation. He did say that writing letters to families of those killed in action was a very emotional time for him. At one time I lived next door to a former german soldier and pow. When he came over to introduce himself dad walked away and would not shake is hand. I guess after what his men went though I might feel the same. I sent copies of the letter to my two sons They were very impressed with your work and greatfull to be able to learn about their grandfathers part in the war as I am. Thanks again Sincerely Thomas Farr




Dec. 22th, 1944


Lt. Col. Farr together with Major Ralph Lang (Driver) had a minuscule car accident; they ended up with their jeep in the Meuse River north of Givet, near the France/Belgium border….. Both came out well but the vehicle and the contents were lost ….. !!



2Lt. Frederick Jones and  Lt. Col. Burlle Farr (right)

Jones receiving his Lt. Bars .... (Battlefield Commission)




Lt. Unknown - Maj-Gen.Macon  - Lt.Col. Farr






Lt. Col. Farr's grave marker at Arthur Cemetery, Arthur, ND