Tec5 David Nadelberg       


Mil# 11004068

Enlisted:  9 March 1942 Ft. Adams Newport, RI.

HQ. Company 643rd TD BN.





Info/Pictures received from; Jon Nadelberg (Son)





Born: 24 February 1910     Place: Providence, RI

Died:  18 January 1990     Place:  Canoga Park, LA County, CA

Burial place: Mt. Sinai Memorial Park, Los Angeles, CA


Wife: Sylvia   Married: 17 March 1946

Children: Jon and Andrea


Father:  Samuel Nadelberg  Mother: Lillian Nadelberg







      European African Middle Eastern Service Medal

Battle Stars"Ardennes-Rhineland-Central Europe"






 Fort Hood, (1943)


 Neufchateau, Belgium (February 1945)

Calbe, Germany


Calbe, Germany

In front of Cologne Dom, Germany


Calbe, Germany

Barby, Germany


Bridge over Elbe river, Germany