Sgt. Elden J. Gillan          

Mil# 32031709

Enlisted: 25 February 1941, Syracuse, NY

C. Company 643rd TD BN.





Info/photos received from; Robert R. Cornell



Born: 8 September 1916   Place: Watertown, NY

Dead: 30 March 1999      Place: Watertown, NY

Buriel Place: Brookside Cemetery, Watertown, NY


Wife: Pauline Gillan (Rich)   Married: 26 April 1947


Father: Elmer Gillan  Mother: Edna Gillan (Rich)





              Good Conduct Medal    -   American Defense Service Medal




European African Middle Eastern Service Medal

Battle Stars"Ardennes-Rhineland-Central Europe"



E-mail from Robert 1 Feb. 2009


Dear Sir,


My name is Rob Cornell residing in New York State. My Great-uncle Elden Gillan was a Sgt. with "C" Co. in the 643rd TD battalion. Ser#32031709. Would it be possible to add him to the "soldiers of the 643rd" link on your excellent website? My Uncle passed a few years ago and I aquired some of his belongings from the war. I am enclosing a couple of photos.


I have been very curious about one item in particular that is in the pictures, that being the mug with the 643rd unit designation and tank destroyer logo. Have you ever seen an item like this? If you have any info. would be appreciated as far as when they were made, by whom, etc.




Also please find a listing of names from Co. "C" many of them are not on the list on the website, thought it might be helpful. The list relates to what I think is a post-war photo of the company. In addition I have a photo of the company from 1942 in Shelby Miss.


My Uncle was a wonerful man who never spoke a word about his service. Through the website and several other sources I have been able to get an idea of what he may have experienced. Thank you for your efforts.



Robert R. Cornell



Elden's Awards and dogtags ..!!


Elden somewhere in France, exact location unknown




Photos from the Family album

Elden and Pauline Gillan - Rich



Wedding  Day April 26th, 1947

Keith,  Elden,  Pauline and  Helen




50th Wedding Anniversary April 26th, 1997


Helen,  Pauline,  Elden and  Keith

(Helen is Pauline's sister - Keith is Elden's Brother)


Elden,  Fern and  Pauline

(Fern is Pauline's mother)