Tec4. Francis T. Cunningham 

Mil# 32641268

A. Company 643rd TD BN.






Born: 19 October 1917  Place: Stapleton , Staten Island, NY

Died: 11 October 1991   Place:

Buriel Place:


Father: Thomas Cunningham   Mother: Josephine Cunningham (Fredericks)





Good Conduct Medal - Honorable Lapel Button - WWII Victory Medal




American Campaign Medal



European African Middle Eastern Service Medal

Battle Stars"Ardennes-Rhineland-Eastern Europe"






Email I Received from his Grand-Daughter

Hi Ben,

Thank you for getting back to me.  His full name was Francis Thomas Cunningham born on October 19, 1917 in Richmond County, New York (Staten Island, NY).  I only have one photo of him in his Army uniforn that I can email to you if you like.  The paperwork I recieved from the National Archives says he was awarded:

Honorable Lapel Button, World War II Victory Medal and Good Conduct Medal and dates of service were Nov, 1942 to Dec, 1945 Technicial Fourth Grade 

I believe, in the photo on your site of A company he is in the back row, 9th from the left.  It's hard to be sure since I couldn't get a clear enough image when I enlarged it. I would love to know any more information about his service or any additional photos.   


Thanks again,



Info/photos received from;

Megan Montagano (Grand-Daughter)