Pvt. James L. Garvin jr.   

Mil# 35745739

Enlisted: 17 December 1942 Clarksburg, WV

Medic Detachement HQ Company 643rd TD BN.





Born: 29 June 1922  Place: Greenville, Monroe County,WV

Died: 9 Oktober 1981  Buriel Place: Greenville United Methodist Church Cemetery, Monroe County, WV


Wife: Mary Garvin (Roles)  Married: 1949

Children: Becky Jean, Kathy Anne and Marsha Sue


Father: James L. Garvin    Mother: Betty M. Garvin (Fanning)

Siblings: Elizabeth, Julia, Mable, Mary, Mildrid and Charles







Good Conduct Medal - American Defence Service Medal - WWII Victory Medal




European African Middle Eastern Service Medal

Battle Stars"Ardennes-Rhineland-Central Europe"


Email I Received from his daughter


My Father was James L. Garvin, Jr.  Based on his discharge papers, he was a member of the medical detachment unit of the 643d Tank Destroyer Battalion.  I didnít see his name listed on your website and thought I would contact you to see if it should be added. 

My Father passed away nearly thirty years ago.  My sisters and I were recently looking at a photo album that has many wonderful pictures from the war.  As precious as those photographs are to us, I thought there might be others who would like to see them and would be willing to share them if I knew how.   

It also goes without saying that I would be thrilled if there were any possibility of finding a soldier still living that served with my Father that I could contact.  I was in my early twenties when my Father died and had not came of an age where we discussed his role in the war. 

I am not sure what your relationship is to the 643d but am sending this out to see who I might reach.  Any additional information you have would be great. 


Thank you much,

Marsha Garvin LePhew


Info/photos received from;

Marsha LePhew (Daughter)











Capt. Alexander Burgin

Front: Major Ira Gaulke, Tec5. Edward Shea, MSgt. Thomas Flood

Major Ira Gaulke


Major Ira Gaulke

Major Ira Gaulke

Lt. Col. Burlle Farr

Major Ira Gaulke, Mast. Sgt. Thomas Flood and Tec5. Edward Shea

MSgt. Thomas Flood and Tec5. Edward Shea

Tec5 Edward Shea

Tec5 Edward Shea

Capt. Howard Kresge