SSgt. John C. Nickerson        

Mil# 11049542

Enlisted: 18 March 1942, Boston, MA

Recon. Company 643rd TD BN.








Born: 13 November 1916    Place:Somerville, Boston, MA

Died: 5 September 1982     Place:  Boston, MA

Burial place: Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne, MA


Wife: Lilian J. Nickerson (Payne)  Married: 1944

Children: John, Stephen, Arthur, Mark, Michelle, Linda, Catherine, Maryanne, Jean Marie and James


Father: John N. Nickerson  Mother: Margaret M. Nickerson






      Silver Star Medal - Bronze Star Medal - WWII Victory Medal  - Good Conduct Medal




European African Middle Eastern Service Medal

Battle Stars"Ardennes-Rhineland-Eastern Europe"






Partly info/photos on this webpage received from;

Bill Durette
Charlestown Veterans History project



Receive email from Bill Durette;


Hi Ben
I received John Nickerson's Silver Star citation and what a citation it is............. You'll never guess but he was awarded the Citation on April 12th 1945 for retrieving 6 men wounded under fire and then knocking out two German machine guns........does this sound like the Barby attack to you. We are very lucky because his file was damaged in the fire in St Louis. You may be aware but there was a fire where all the records are held several years back. His file was reconstructed and we are lucky to get the citation. I attached the citation.....He was awarded the citation by the 83rd Division......which is normal for units such as Tank Destroyer Battalions that are attached to get the award from the attached division.
This is quite a story if in fact he help get the men that were hit from the Barby attack.....and who knows maybe he help get William Ropple from his same hometown.
Bill Durette


Text on Silver Star citation;

Dear Mr. Nickerson,

Reference is made to your letter regarding the awards to which you are entitled.

By direction of the President, under the provisions of act of Congress, 9 July 1018, the Silver Star has been awarded to you by the Commanding General 83rd Infantry Division.

Citation is as follows:


“For gallantry in action on 12 April 1945 in Germany. During the course of an intense fire fight with the enemy, Sergeant Nickerson observed six wounded American soldiers. Immediately leaving the comparative safety of his concealed position, he mounted a nearby quarter ton vehicle, and under intense small arms fire made his way to the wounded men and evacuated three. With complete disregard for his personal safety Sergeant Nickerson again returned to evacuate the remaining three. Returning a third time to engage the enemy, he knocked out two machine guns with fire from his M-1 riffle. The outstanding humanity and courageous devotion to duty displayed by this non-commissioned officer reflect the highest credit upon himself and exemplify the finest traditions of the armed forces of the United States”

In addition to the above the records of this office show that you are authorized the following awards: ...... Good Conduct Medal


Information card about John Nickerson's Silver Star from the Massachusetts State Veterans Records. It lists Sv*M which means Silver Star.


Picture © 2013 by David Arnold on Find A Grave. (Used with permission)


John and Lilian's gravestone on Massachusetts National Cemetery