March 2, 1945

2nd Platoon, C-Company, 643rd TD Battalion


Trenches in photo are presumably the ones you see on (left) Life Magazine photo




Leftside Brewery


Rightside Brewery

Floyd Esche's Account:

Our second platoon was caught on the road near Hemerden. Vehicles were burned by action of our own planes strafing the attacking Germans. Few men escaped. Most were captured. Several killed. Our own gun and vehicle were hit and burned about 300 yds north just 24 hours before.(Picture right) When the Life Magazine  photo was taken I was in the village (Hemerden) with a bazooka sweating out the attack. Our third platoon had already reached the Rhine.



Six men of the 643rd were killed in Action


Pfc. Theodore Guss

Pfc. Sidney Auriemma

Cpl. Eugene Call

Pfc. Roy Reynolds

Sgt. Leverett Young

Sgt. John Janton



Pete Esche

Life Magazine