Sgt. Leverett L. Young    


Mil# 20146529

Enlisted: 24 February 1941, Houlton AAF, ME

 C. Company 643rd TD BN.








Born: 17 December 1921    Place: Houlton, ME

Died: 2 March 1945    Place: Kapellen/ Hemmerden, Germany


Date of Temporary Burial:     at: American Military Cemetery Margraten

Location: Plot: T  Row: 5  Grave: 110

Date of final Burial:    at: American Military Cemetery Margraten

Location: Plot: J  Row: 19  Grave 22


Wife: Faustina Young (Bubar)  Married: 23 November 1941


Father: John Young   Mother: Margaret Young (Leighton)





Purple Heart 









2 March 1945

2nd platoon of C-Company was ambushed near Kapellen/Hemmerden, Germany.

Losing most of their equipment and 38 men killed, wounded or missing. Leverett was killed in Action.


Several Soldiers of C-Comp 643rd TD BN  took shelter in the factory to the left of the burning vehicles in the picture. There were also German civilians and

soldiers in the basement of the factory. The C-Company medics had some medical supplies that they shared with the Germans and our men were sure the Germans

would have killed them if they hadn't shared the medicine with the Germans. There was a very near neighboring village called Hemmerden and the Battalion

history says the action took place at kapellen.   




Leverett's grave marker AMC The Netherlands, Margraten