Cpl. Milton P. Goldman     

Mil# 32640902

C. Company 643rd TD BN.





Born: 5 February 1922   Place: Brooklyn, New York

 Died: 17 February 1981     Place: Staten Island, New York

Burial place: Beth Israel Cemetery Woodbridge, NJ     Location: Block: 16  Section: E  Plot: 13


Wife: Lilian   Married: 12 August 1945  

Son: Arnold


Father: Isadore    Mother: Ida    Stepmother: Rebecca

Brother: Edward  Stepbrother: Philip   





     Good Conduct Medal - American Campaign - WWII Victory Medal




European African Middle Eastern Service Medal

Battle Stars"Ardennes-Rhineland-Eastern Europe"




Served with C-Company 643rd TD BN for eight months in France, Belgium and Germany.

Made a prisoner of War the 2 March 1945 by Germans and liberated by the 6th Armoured Division on 29 March 1945




Photos below are taken with Milton's camera short before the Battle of the Bulge. Location: Fontainebleau Castle in Fontainebleau, France

(Pictures/Info send to me by Arnold L. Goldman proud son of Milton P. Goldman)



2 March 1945


2nd platoon of C-Company was ambushed near Hemmerden/Kapellen, Germany losing most of their equipment and 38 men killed, wounded or missing.

Milton Goldman was MIA after this action






The Factory.... (Photo: Life Magazine) 


9 April 2009


Today I received the Life Magazine, Special  thanks to Arnold Goldman.


The Cover of Life Magazine (Dutchgirl, Maria Huysman)

Received E-Mail from Bernie Haas, I did asked him about the article in Life Magazine;

Men from Company C-643rd TD BN told me the burning vehicles in the Life Magazine, 19 March, 1945 were their halftracks and guns.  They also told me that they took shelter in the factory to the left of the burning vehicles in the picture. There were German civilians and soldiers in the basement of the factory. The Company C medics had some medical supplies that they shared with the Germans and our men were sure the Germans would have killed them if they hadn't shared the medicine with the Gemans. There was a very near neighboring village called Hemmerden and our Battalion history says the action took place at Hemmerden.  This doesn't surprise me that the men who were there said they were near Kapellen and the Battalion Headquarters didn't know where the men from Company C were. 



Milton and Lilian Goldman Wedding Photo

12 August 1945





Milton's Honorable Discharge Certificate and Separation Qualification Record




11 May 2010

We visited Arnold "Arnie" and Jill Goldman in there home in Canton, CT


Arnie showed me his dad's WW2 Jacket.