SSgt. Paul Montineri        

Mil# 31102159

Enlisted: 18 March 1942, Hartford, CT 

 Recon. Company 643rd TD BN.





Born: 15 March 1914   Place: Hartford, CT

Died: 6 December 2000    Place: Bridgeport, CT 

Burial place: Cedar Hill Cemetery Hartford, CT


Wife: Sonia Montineri (Denalsky)   Married: 1949

Children: Joseph, Paul and Felicia


Father: Joseph "Salvatore" Montineri   Mother: Josephine Montineri (Gazzara)

Brother: Emanuel





American Campaign Medal  - Good Conduct Medal




European African Middle Eastern Service Medal

Battle Stars"Ardennes-Rhineland-Central Europe"



Message  from Felicia Montineri (Daughter of Paul) on 643rd  Guestbook. (March 28, 2014)

Dear Mr. Savelkoul,
After watching the Band of Brothers series, I became interested in knowing more about my dad's role in the army.  I found a pass from San Lubispo CA which identified this as his battalion.  I was thrilled to see his picture on this website.  Shall I send you any of his photos?  Thanks you so very much for the job you have done.
May God Bless You,

Felicia Montineri. Daughter of Tec4 Paul Montineri


Email from Felicia Montineri (March 15, 2016)


At last I put some thoughts out to you.

Today, my Dad would have been 102 years old. Unfortunately we lost him in a car accident in 2000 when he was still very robust and healthy.

As I look back on some fond memories, they begin with his piano. Every Thursday afternoon, his old Hartford, Ct and WWII Navy buddy, Tony Marameco, would stop by the house and my Dad would play , Tony would sing and my Mom would hum along doing her chores in the kitchen. The afternoon was not complete without a shot for the road.  

After the war, he returned to Hartford, CT and worked at Veeder-Root until his retirement.  While there, he performed at a concert playing Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin) to resounding acclaim. If only we had instant video and Skype back then, the performance would be preserved and I would know how well he did rather than have the stories to imagine with.  However, I heard alot of the Rhapsody and all the tune he and Mom loved as he played nearly every afternoon after retirement, and after we went to bed as children.

He married in 1949. Sonia Denalsky and he were married for 51 years. My siblings are Joseph Paul and Paul Emanuel. Joseph (Simsbury, CT) is a musician and instrument maker. He manufactures the Joe Montineri Custom Snare Drum. He has two children Samantha and Joey. Paul (Duluth, GA) is also a musician, restoring drums and working in a music store who has 2 boys Dominick and Dillon. I am a registered pharmacist currently working at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Mass, step mother to two fine sons Ryan and Colin Harvey.

Another memory. As a child Paul made our first television at an electronics class at the University of Hartford.  The screen was green, about 8 inches in diameter and set in a wooden case that stood on iron legs. He also dabbled in stereophonics and had a great Hi-Fi system (built the cabinet and assembled the components), which we managed to nearly destroy with our rock'n roll.

As well, I remember he always hated the cold weather.  I loved the snow, living in CT where there was snow by November and lasting until March. As a young teen,he took me to see the movie The Battle of the Bulge and said that he would not miss the cold ever after that winter!  Since then I have been educated by books and film that recount the heroism of the battle he was in.  I found memorabilia : enlistment documents, letters/cards home, camp newsletters, tiger patches, medals, furlough passes, German armbands, handouts on how to be a good soldier, maps of the progress of the troops and multiple photos.   

So there you have it.  A very brief synopsis of a great man and wonderful father.  I am so grateful he came home and had a wonderful life. 

Thank you for being interested in the families of those who fought. Let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Felicia Montineri


Hi Ben ,

I found the boxes of treasures from WWII that I found that had been saved from my fathers service.

Please take a look and see what is here. I'm sure there are many stories to be told. As well there are many photos from Europe and the times he was in the US training camps. I have emailed my brothers as well as you so they can see what remains.


My Best to you Ben,