SSgt. Preston E. Conklin  

Mil# 32640536

Medic, HQ. Company 643rd TD BN.






Born: 2 October 1922     Place:

Died:  12 October 2010     Place:  Hernando, FL

Buriel-Place:  Florida National Cemetery


Wife: Beverly  Married: 






                  Silver Star     -      Good Conduct Medal   -  American Campaign Medal




European African Middle Eastern Service Medal

Battle Stars"Ardennes-Rhineland-Central Europe"



Hello Ben;

It was very nice to hear from you. I am not a relative of Mr. Conklin. I am a dealer in military items. I recently obtained his officialy named Silver Star medal as well as some more of his posessions at a flea market in Florida. I found your website while researching the grouping and thought you might enjoy having the information. I don't have any official documents for the Silver Star only the medal and a newspaper article from the period describing the award and his actions.

Chris G.

In additional E-mails I asked Chris if he want to make some copies and he did!

Hello Ben;

It was my pleasure to share the history of this man with you so it will be preserved. Feel free to use the information.


Thanks Chris for the Pictures





Ssgt. Preston E. Conklin's Silver Medal.

Article in newspaper,

Hero Medic, For outstanding gallantry April 8, 1945 at Polle, Germany.Staff Sergeant Preston E. Conklin of 103-02 225th Street, Laurelton, today was awarded the Silver Star. He was a medical attached to a Tank Destroyer Company and, according to the citation, he risked his life to search for two buddies who were missing in action. "Moving about on the enemy side of the tank destroyer in the light of its flames under heavy fire, he searched for more then one hour," the citation said, "in utter disregard of his own safety, altough he made a perfect target for the enemy. 





Several  possessions of SSgt. Preston E. Conklin that Chris obtained.



SSgt. Preston E. Conklin

SSgt. Preston E. Conklin

SSgt. Conklin in front of Fontainbleau Castle in the city of Fontainbleau, France

(L) SSgt. Preston Conklin (R) soldier unknown


Preston's Grave Marker on Florida National Cemetery