1st Sgt. Richard A. Rancourt  

Mil# 20144782

 Enlisted: 24 February 1941, Augusta, ME

HQ/Recon. Company 643rd TD BN.




Born: 19 April 1921  Place: Waterville, ME

Died: 19 June 1996  Place: Hattiesburg, MS

Buriel Place: Highland Cemetery Hattiesburg, MS


Wife: Ethel M. Rancourt  Married: 4 October 1943

Children: Michelle, Teresa, Lynn, Richard and Mark





Good Conduct Medal - American Defence Service Medal - WWII Victory Medal




Army of Occupation WWII Medal




European African Middle Eastern Service Medal

Battle Stars"Ardennes-Rhineland-Central Europe"



Emails I Received from his son

1. My father also served with the 643rd TD BN during WWII. His name was Richard Rancourt and he was a First Sgt. What do I need to do to have him included on your wonderful website? I can provide his ASN along with some photos of the 643rd from his scrapbook.

2. Thank you for adding my fathers name to the list of members of the 643rd Tank Destroyer BN. He passed away in 1996 but I know he would be extremely proud that his name is there with his fellow soldiers. I did get his serial number which is 20144782. When I find out which company he was in I will let you know. Thank you again.

3. You will find a picture attached. This was one of several from my fatherís scrapbook. He was Richard Rancourt and was a member of the 643rd. I can send some others if you like. Let me know if you are interested and thank you for this great website to pay tribute to the men of the 643rd

4. The attached files are pictures taken from my father's scrap book. Some are stateside and some are from the ETO. I have attached a word file explaining each as best I could. I also included a little more information on my father. Please feel free to post any and thank you again so much for the wonderful work you do with your website.


Info/photos received from;

Richard Rancourt II (son)


Richard on the left. This was at the Hollywood Palladium prior to WWII. Taken around the time the 643rd was at Camp Ibis for desert training.


1st Sgt. Richard A. Rancourt


Russell Rancourt and Sgt. Richard A. Rancourt

The Rancourt Brothers .... Russell served in the 101ste Airborne during WWII


1st Sgt. Richard A. Rancourt - SSgt. Peter J. Dube


"Maintenance Section" 643rd TD BN


"Mess Section" Recon. Company

Tec.4 Tito Verna

Tec.5 John Ezemoli

Pfc. Vincent Aukshunas - Pfc. Ernest Kingsburg - Pvt. Michael A. Stassano

Tec.4 Tito Verna - Tec.4 Albert Brizendine

Tec.5 James E. Longa - Tec.4 Albert Brizendine - Tec.4 Tito Verna

Sgt. Frederick J. Jones (Recon Comp) getting his Battlefield Commission



Richard's gravemarker at Highland Cemetery Hattiesburg, MS