Capt. Robert M. Lee      



 Company 643rd TD BN.








Born: 14  December 1917     Place: Greenwich, CT

Died:  12 December 2005     Place:  Lakeland, FL



Wife: Helen Lee (Dowling)  Married: 2 June 1942

Children: Robert, William, John and Nan


Father: Robert A. Lee  Mother: Mary Lee (Maher)










E-mails received from Robert Lee (Grand-Son)




My Grandfathers both served in the 643 TD Battalion in WW2. I survive both of them and I am the youngest Robert in my family, at age 41 I am now "Robbie".


I started a search on my Grandfather's unit today because I am travelling to Aachen for business soon and I thought it would be cool to maybe see some of the places where the unit fought. 


I have pictures of my Grandfathers and many interesting stories, not the least of which is their meeting in WW2 and how I and my siblings came to be. Years after WW2 Grandfather Lee's son Robert M. Lee Jr was going through OCS at Ft. Benning GA on his way to the Vietnam war. Grandfather Lee called my Grandfather Burgin who lived nearby and told him to invite his son over for a meal. He of course did and this is where my father met my mother, at a Sunday meal on leave as a young officer in I believe around 1967.







Newspaper Article: The Hour - Norwalk, CT (May 22, 1987)