Pfc. Robert "Lou" C. Lucas     

Mil# 33163748

Enlisted: 17 March 1942, New Cumberland, PA

A. Company 608th TD BN  -  B. Company 643rd TD BN





Info/photos received from;

Adam Donaldson








Born: 23 May 1918    Place: Indiana, PA

Died: 2 April 1945      Place: Wadersloh, Germany


Temporary Buriel place: Margraten American Military Cemetery, Netherlands   Location: BB-5-124

Final buriel place: Oakland Cemetery and Mausoleum, Indiana, PA


Wife: Martha Lucas (Thomas)  Married:

Son: Robert (Bobby)


Father: Chalmers Lucas    Mother: Minnie Lucas (Iseman)

Siblings: John, Richard, Esther (Hamilton) and Evelyn (Lydick)






Purple Heart




First  Email from Adam Donaldson.

This is PFC Robert C. Lucas 33163748. He was from western Pennsylvania. He is my Grandmothers uncle. She has tons of documents of his, including notifications of death. Please contact me if anyone ever inquires about him, as he had one son whom we've lost touch with. I can't seem to find him online. Feel free to use the picture on your site. 


Adam Donaldson


Robert's greatest love .... his wife Martha and son Bobby








Two telegrams. The first notifies Robert's mother, Minnie P. Lucas, that Robert was missing in action.  The second notifies her that Robert was killed in action.


Official notification of missing letter



Official notification of death letter





Here is a letter from Sgt. Albert Daigle to Robert's wife explaining how he got killed.  This letter is fading and hard to read.  I typed it EXACTLY as it appears, so the spelling errors were Sgt. Daigle's.  See attached for a picture of this letter and Robert's military stripes.


In Luchun Germany.

May 20, 1945

Dear Mrs. Lucas 

As I have been putting off to write to you forsome time cause I couldn't get your address.  Well I am not much of a writer but will try my best to encourage you and to let you know any way poor Lucas is gone.  I haven't forgotten him.  Lucas was one of my men for quite some time.  He sure was a good boy.  One in the best and Mrs. Lucas I'll never forget him cause he was a brave man, he'd never turn you down no matter how tuff thing got.  I seen the time when all the rest of the boys were gone.  But Luc. was right there with me.  We went a long ways together until one day God took him away from me.  I sure did miss that boy.  At first it seem there was something all ways missing.  Now I am not telling you this cause hes gone now.  I am telling you deep in my heart he was one in the best.  As I can understand you were trying to find out how he got hurt.  Well I was with him when it happen.  We were around German tanks distroying them.  Lucas fired a Bouzzuka at one tank and the Bouzzuka blue up and hurt Lucas's right arm and chest.  He was hurt in the in side cause as soon as I seen he was hurt I ran to see how bad he was his clothes was on fire.  I took a knife and cut them off carried him away from the tank called for a Doctor right away.  It was one time the Doctor was there we done all we could to help him.  He was complaning with his insides.  But still knew what he was saying he talked to us just like before.  I tried to encourage him as much as I could.  Well after the Dr. got there he took over they took him away.  I couldn't go with him.  But tryed to get news every day how he was doing.  I all ways did have in mine he'd live.  They told me he was improving until one day we got the bad news.  That Luc. was died.  My head fell.  I couldn't believe it.  I still can't.  If he is.  May his sole rest in peace cause he was a good man.  Luc was a true man to you.  You can beleave me I knew him for a long time.  He thought a lots of his wife and boy.  But Mrs. Lucas keep your courage.  God will help you. I know.  I have Lucas's pistil I'll [part missing] ... a souvenir of him he paid about $20 for [part missing] soon as I here from you I'll send you the [part missing].  Best of health and luck. 

As ever,

Sgt. Albert Daigle

(Place Luchun on letterhead is not correct .. after some research I found out that the correct place name must be Lochtum, Germany)



Here is a letter from Ferd E. White to Mrs. Lucas.  

May 21, 1945


My Dear Mrs. Lucas,

I seen Pete today & he told me that he had a letter from you & that you wanted me to write.  It is hard for me to write this letter because I have never had an experience like this before. Lou [Lucas], Pete and I had been pals since they joined us back in Gruber over a year ago.  I met Lou one day on K.P.  He & I always chummed around together after that.  I met Pete through Lou & then we all chummed around to-gether.  In the states, we were together all the time.  When we got overseas & combat the company was always split up.  There is three platoons to a company.  Lou & I was in the 3rd & Pete is in the 2nd.  I was on the same crew with Lou until they needed a driver on another gun so they put me driving on another gun.  After that I would see Lou about once in every two or three days.  Every time we got together, we would sit & talk about what had happened.  No matter how far down the chips were he was always laughing.  He was the best natured kid I think I ever met.

When I heard that he had got hurt, I couldn't believe it.  I still can't hardly believe that he is gone.  From what I heard he and some other boys were demolishing a Jerry tank. The tank started to blow & he got hit in the arm.  They said he complained of his chest hurting.  I think he must have had internal injuries also.  That was all I was told about it. He had told me about you writing & saying that he was going to have an accident but he would get home.  At first I thought it was going to be like that but it wasn't. There isn't much more to write about Mrs. Lucas so I guess i will close for this time.  I hope these few lines find you & the boy in the best of health & to hear from you in the near future. Take care of the boy & try to bring him up to be the man that Lou was.  Until Ihear from you I remain. 

As ever,

Ferd E. White



Letter written to Minnie Lucas by Captain John B. Colt,

Robert's Company Commander


Margraten American Military Cemetery, The Netherlands







Letter from US Army to Mrs. Lucas giving location of burial.



Picture of the family who took care of Robert's grave before he was brought back to the US.

(Family name is still unknown so any help to indentify them is welcome)





These are actually 'canned' pictures sent to all families with kin buried there.







Frontcover of the Memorial Service program booklet


Roberts grave marker on

Oakland Cemetery and Mausoleum

Indiana, Indiana County, Pennsylvania