Pfc. Sidney Auriemma   

Mil# 32641151

C. Company 643rd TD BN.







Born: 23 May 1922    Place: Brooklyn, New York

Died: 2 March 1945    Place: Kapellen/Hemmerden, Germany.


Temp. Buried: American Military Cemetery Margraten  Date: 11 march 1945

Final Burried:  St. Mary Cemetery, Staten Island, NY  







Purple Heart









2 March 1945

2nd platoon of C-Company was ambushed near Kapellen/Hemmerden, Germany.

Losing most of their equipment and 38 men killed, wounded or missing. Sidney was killed in Action.


Several Soldiers of C-Comp 643rd TD BN  took shelter in the factory to the left of the burning vehicles in the picture. There were also German civilians and

soldiers in the basement of the factory. The C-Company medics had some medical supplies that they shared with the Germans and our men were sure the Germans

would have killed them if they hadn't shared the medicine with the Germans. There was a very near neighboring village called Hemmerden and the Battalion

history says the action took place at kapellen.   


Email I Received from Tom Auriemma.


Hi Ben,


Thank you for your quick response. I did not notice [earlier] the page you pointed me to regarding the time of death of my Uncle.


I am a little of a WWII history buff and some years ago contacted Stephen Ambrose and well known WWII author. He provided me with several contacts with whom my Uncle served with in Company C. These men came from the same borough as my family so I was actually able to meet with them and they told me about the tragic events of 3/2/1945. All of the men I spoke with became POWs as a result of the ambush. These men  informed me that a picture of the aftermath was published in Life magazine issue March 1945, which included my uncle lying on the battlefield next to a trench. I obtained a copy of the magazine and saw what was described. These were great men, all of whom broke-down while telling the story.


Sidney Auriemma is buried in St. Mary's cemetery on Staten Island, NY. I have pictures of my Uncle and some of the men he served with in Company C. I will pass along digital copies in the near future. And, I would be honored to have them  put on your webpage. My father, Sidney's brother is still alive and would be touched to see his brother's picture memorialized on the web. My father and his brother were very close, and till this day he is unable to speak about his brother without tearing-up.


Kind Regards, 





Info/photos received from;

Tom Auriemma and JoAnna Nolemi








A picture dated 1944. This is a particularly sad picture of Sidney and  his father Vincenzo. It is easy to see the sadness on my grandfather's face.  It may have been the last time he saw his son.




 A formal picture of my uncle in his uniform.






Sidney's grave in St. Mary's Cemetery Grasmere, Staten Island, New York USA





Sidney's name on plaque in Holy Rosary Church South Beach, Staten Island, New York USA.

This is a very small church which has only one service of worship a week. The plaque is in the back of the church.





Cespino-Russo VFW plaque South Beach, Staten Island, New York USA.

There is a "Veterans of Foreign Wars" Post that has a small metallic plaque for each local men who died in war. 

 (The large group underneath are of deceased former-members, not killed-in-action) Sidney's name is on top left.





Location where photos under were taken is not clear, I personally think somewhere in the Ardennes, Belgium in late December or early January 1945

So if someone can help identify the location let me know..!!


Sidney Auriemma

Sidney Auriemma

Left Sidney Auriemma



Left Sidney Auriemma



(Middle) Sidney Auriemma  (3th right) Salvatore Immitti

(3th right) Sidney Auriemma  (2nd right) Salvatore Immitti



Unknown - Savatore Immitti - Sidney Auriemma - Unknown


Sidney Auriemma  - unknown - unknown


Salvatore Immitti - Sidney Auriemma - unknown - unknown - unknown


(1st left under) Bill Guether (2nd left under) Sidney Auriemma- (1st right under) Salvatore Immitti