Pvt. Willard G. Brill       


Mil# 32971161

Enlisted: 17 June 1943, New York City

 A. Company 643rd TD BN.





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Born: 8 December 1924    Place: Drumright, OK

Died: 13 April 2001    Place: Mannford, OK

Burialplace: Resthaven Gardens Cemetery, Oklahoma City, OK


Wife: Sara Brill (Ellis)  Married: 2 April 1944

Children: Doug, Debbie, Deidre and Darcy


Father: James Brill  Mother: Elsie Brill (Constantine)

Siblings: James Jr.










Article in The Herald Statesman, Mon, April 02, 1945




Prisoner of War Ribbon


On 23 December 1944 in The Battle of the Bulge, Willard was captured by the Germans (Baraque de Fraiture) close to the German/Belgium border. He and other prisoners were transported into Germany. The Camp he stayed in is  unknown.