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Florence (IT)
Sicily-Rome (IT)
Margraten (NL)
Luxemburg (LUX)
Henri Chapelle (B)
Ardennes (B)
Somme (FR)
Epinal (FR)
Lorraine (FR)
Meusse-Argonne (FR)
St-Mihiel (FR)
Normandy (FR)
Brittany (FR)
North Africa (TU)
Gettysburg (USA)
Arlington (USA)

Ysselsteyn (NL)
Bordj Cedria (TU)
Sandweiler (LUX)
Marigny (FR)
Orglandes (FR)
La Camba (FR)
Vossenack (D)
Hurtgen (D)
Düsseldorf (D)

Bayeux (FR)
Hotton (B)
Venray (NL)
Sittard (NL)
Arnhem (NL)
Nijmegen (NL)
Overloon (NL)
Brunssum (NL)


643rd TD BN
743rd Tank BN
30th Inf. Division
Voerendaal  WWII
General Patton
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May 2, 2020. Received this week 2 GREAT books  ..... !!







July 29-30  2017 visited the Verdun Area (Northern-France)















Sgt. Michael DeFebio


Adopted Grave, Margraten (NL)







Tec5. Gerard K. Duncan


Adopted Grave, Henri-Chapelle (B)




Gerard K. Duncan and Michael DeFebio

both came from Providence, RI.

and served in the same Tank Destroyer Battalion during WW2. 



"Hit Hard"


643rd Tank Destroyer Battalion


"Click on Panther Patch"



Adopted Grave


British War Cemetery Brunssum


Pvt. H.H. Roy Allam




Wiltshire Regiment, 5th Battalion












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