Tec5 Chester J. Olejniczak    


Mil# 36329538

Enlisted: 8 April 1942, Chicago, IL

C. Company 643rd TD BN.








Born: 1914     Place:

Died:          Place: 

Burial place:   


Wife: Patricia Margaret Host  Married:

Children: Robert













E-mails received from, Rob


Thanks for the quick reply.  The soldier that I am researching was in C Company, and I was able to successfully identify him through your website, so again thank you.  The soldier's name is Chester J. Olejniczak.  It is my hope to identify his platoon/gun crew/vehicle, and if possible to locate photographs and film footage.  Like with most post war families, they have a few photos, one or two stories and some limited militaria.  My families military history is a bit more firmly developed, largely because many of us are military veterans.  One last thing, upon identifying his platoon/squad/crew, it is my hope to locate remaining surviving members with the idea that might friend might get to communicate with them to gain a better understanding of who her grandfather was, even if only for that period of time.