Pvt. H.H. Roy Allam







Army Service Number: 14753122

Unit: The Wiltshire Regiment, 5th Battalion

Born: Juni 1926     Place: Brighton, East Sussex

Died: 27 December 1944     Place:

Date of Burial:    at: Brunssum War Cemetery, The Netherlands

Location: IV 160


Father: John Frederick Allam

Mother: Mary Ann Allam-Franklin


Last known address: 19 Kingsbury Street, Brighton. UK



Evelyn, Mary, Doreen, Jacqueline, Elizabeth and Kathleen


Frederick, Arthur and Reginald





Info and pictures received from David and Carol Sherwood-Wares , unfortunately most photos were lost after bomb damage to the Allam house but we have found 2, one of Roy and Arthur Allam together and one with the note of “Roy going to War”.  Carol’s mother is Mary-Beatrice Wares-Allam she was one of Roy’s sist


March 2019, Lisa Buckley did send me pictures and Newspaper articles


From Left to Right

Albert Edward Wares - Roy's Brother-in-law.

Mary Ann Allam-Franklin - Roy's mother.

John Frederick Allam - Roy's father.

Mary Beatrice Wares-Allam - Roy's sister (Think the boy is Geoffrey Wares)

Roy Allam 






Roy's Adoption-Certificate I received from the Brunssum War Cemetery Foundation.




Roy and Arthur




Arthur Godfrey "Bob" Allam

Army Service No: 2039641

Rank: Sapper

Unit: Royal Engineers, 22 Fortress Coy


Roy's older brother Arthur G. Allam died (4 September 1942)  in a Japanese Prisoner Camp in Hong Kong.

Arthur was captured as Hong Kong fell and taken Prisoner of War (25 December 1941) As the poor nutrition and unhygienic conditions of the POW camps took effect, there were outbreaks of all sorts of dysentery - the biggest killer of POWs - and (starting in around August 1942) a terrifying diphtheria epidemic. Arthur was one of the first victims of the latter. Initially he was buried on Argyle Street but was reinterred at Sai Wan War Cemetery.

Info received from: Tony Banham

Hong Kong War Diar










The Sai Wan Commonwealth War Cemetery in Hong Kong.

For more info .. CWGC Website


Arthur Allam's grave on Sai Wan Commonwealth War Cemetery in Hong Kong


He who gave for us his life.

Who, for us endured the strife.

Lives in glory now on high. 

Photo: Tony Banham




Frederick John "Fred" Allam

(Roy's oldest brother)






CSM Frederick (middle) sitting on chair